The project is based on the poem Máj (May), written by the poet Karel Hynek Mácha. The story itselft took place in the 70s of the 18th century, 60 years before Mácha made it in his poem. Mácha has created a masterpiece of landscape that is full of water, hidden rocks, sun, moons, colors, overflowing with love and grief.

Individual shots were taken in the landscapes around Mácha’s Lake, at Zahrádky in Českolipsko and in Bohemian Paradise. The majority of the project was taken between 27 March and 18 May 2016. I subsequently attached also shots from the Novomlýnská water reservoir as well, which were created at the same time and were thematically aimed at this project. The collection won the 3rd prize at the Prix de la Photographie Paris, 2016, was awarded the Los Angeles Jury (2016 – IPA, International Photography Awards) and Luxembourg Art Prize (2016). The “Mácha contemplations” project was also published on the website of the prestigious British magazine On Landscape and picture sample was published in the annual publication “Vision 2016” of the 1X.com curator.

The project was first exhibited on 6th-20th January 2017 at the Gallery of Critics in Prague.


The aim of the project was to understand and then visually interpret Andersen’s almost mosaic-like way of seeing the world around us. His short stories and fairy tales remotely resemble musical improvisation of scat singers. As if you were turning a diamond with thousands of reflective faces. Andersen begins a sentence in one topic and ends up in another, freely switching between open talk and descriptions, leading the story forward, constantly inviting you to his imaginative scenes.

Individual shots were taken in Luhačovice, Štramberk, Štiřín, Copenhagen, Odense, Helsingor, Bisserup. Partly, I was looking for the emotions of the selected Andersen stories hidden within these landscapes, partly I was following his home addresses, that might influence him. I was greatly impressed by Nyhavn Harbor in Copenhagen, where Andersen lived in three different addresses.

The base of the project was taken between 28.12.2016 – 30.4.2017. The collection won 2nd place at MIFA – Moscow International Photo Awards 2017 and 3rd place at IPA – Los Angeles, International Photography Awards 2017.

The project was first exhibited 21.12.2017-14.1.2018 at the Gallery of Critics in Prague.