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Post Process versus Shooting

I presume that my post process is the same as that of most other photographers. The foundation for adjustments is in a RAW Converter (lens correction, brightness and basic contrast, white balance and basic noise reduction). Main adjustments in Photoshop (I use non-destructive luminosity mask techniques) and final focus according to the purpose follow. Far […]

Lake District 2015 – Water reflections

From the second half of the week the photographs took on a different character. The sky had totally engulfed me and, as a result, so had its reflections in the water. And the ever present gleam and backlighting. Backlighting itself helps to broaden the shot, to conceal themes in the shadows from where the viewer […]

Lake District 2015 – The Landscape of the Sky

I initially went to the Lake District with the intention of practicing composition principles. First impressions are almost always the same: yes, it’s a nice landscape, but what can I do with it? My own emotions “caught up” somewhere around the middle of the week. Suddenly it clicked. I crouched down just beside the water’s […]

Lake District 2015 – Small, intimate region

The Lake District is a small, intimate region. Areas of water are enclosed between undulating hills and at a first glance everything appears tidy and sleepy. The dynamics and drama of William Turner’s paintings remain hidden somewhere on canvases in a gallery. The bright sun from the early morning practises photographic torture. After a while […]