The project opens a new line of photographic contemplations on the subject of the reflection of painting in photography, ART CONTEMPLATIONS.

The first stop was at Lanzarote with the aim to photograph it in the manner in which this volcanic island of the Canaries was captured by the local artist and representative of the Art Informel movement César Manrique. From May 1st to May 8th, 2019, we visited places associated with his work and allowed ourselves to be inspired by them, because they fundamentally reflect the character of the island. During this photo expedition, we visited the places where he lived and worked, we got to see his paintings and architecture “in natura”; along the roads and next to crossroads we would pass by his “pinwheels” …

Manrique was a crucial personality for the development of Lanzarote in the past half century and thanks to him the island can serve as an example of sustainable care for its natural wealth, architecture and urbanism – height regulation of tall buildings, limits on billboards, regulation of recreational facilities and so on. On visiting his house and Foundation one can clearly perceive his respect for the natural materials of the island and through that his opinion on what is and is not important for human life.