This project launches a new series of photography contemplations on the subject of reflections of painting work, transferred into photography, ART CONTEMPLATIONS.

The first stop was Lanzarote, with the aim of capturing the island in the way it was done by a native and eminent artist of art informel, César Manrique. In the period 1-8th of May 2019, we visited places connected with his body of work and got inspired by them. During our photo expedition, we visited the places, where he lived and worked, met “in natura” with his painting work and with architectural projects, we passed his “windbreakers” along the roads and intersections…

Manrique has been a vital figure in Lanzarote’s development over the past half century, making the island an example of sustainable care for natural resources, architecture and urbanism – regulation of high-rise buildings, restrictions on billboards, regulation of recreational capacities, etc. respect for the island’s natural materials and thus its view on what is essential and secondary to human life.

What will follow in ART CONTEMPLATION?