Lake District 2015 – Preparation for the Journey and Logistics on Location

So far, my experience with photo tours has been short, but nevertheless I have worked out several practical steps which always recur.A journey is always preceded by detailed internet research: maps, recommended places and what and where others have photographed. I look at where workshops are organised in a given place and where they go. I’m also interested in the artistic concept of a given landscape. In the case of the Lake District, I focussed principally on William Turner.

On location we always hire a car. We enter final chosen locations into the satnav system in advance. Most of the time we chose one main location for a given day, plus an alternate location in the vicinity. We leave one day without a schedule. It is important to check for internet connections, above all for instant local weather forecasts. Thanks to our preparation we simply use the itinerary of the most suitable place. It is certainly worth buying maps at least for distinguishing 1:25000.

Timely reservation of accommodation (with Wi-Fi) and air tickets; in our case, the Swinside Inn near Keswick with its excellent breakfast. Since the Lake District is not extensive and nothing is ever more than 30 km (18 miles) away, we chose one location with trips to the stars.

The right clothing should definitely not be underestimated. For a whole day of walking and carrying equipment, sturdy shoes and functional underwear are a must! And of course the most important thing is to thoroughly check and clean equipment before departure.


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