Through snow and waters of Jizerka

Once the first prospectors here were collecting dark rubies, blue sapphires, spinels, topaz and iserines. Franz Riedel founded the first glassworks and the settlement Jizerka became a jewel of the Jizera Mountains. A little of this distant past you breathe at every step along the bottom of this picturesque basin under the hill Bukovec.

I park my car at Morina and slowly descend down into the lap of the valley. And suddenly calm and fairy-tale romance is around me. Time no longer has any meaning. And there are daffodils, brook meanders, hairy grass and turf and fog and sun and frost melting snow, because even the seasons no longer has any meaning. And there are the ancient Italian prospectors, walking the bends of the river, in the hands sifting pans. On the shore, a caring mother detains a crying child so that it cannot be taken by a ferocious stream of melting snow, and does not flush down into the Jizera Valley over protruding boulders.

I am standing under a black sky full of stars, in the timeless mountains, so close, so far away …

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