Through snow and waters of Jizerka

A long time ago the first prospectors would search the valley for dark rubies, blue sapphires, spinels, topazes and ilmenites. The first glassworks was founded by Franz Riedel and the settlement, Jizerka, became the jewel of Jizerské Hory. Something from its ancient past can still be felt in every step taken along the bottom of this picturesque basin below Bukovec hill.

I park my car in Mořina and slowly walk down to the valley. Suddenly all is quiet and  filled with fairy-tale romanticism. Time no longer means anything. There are daffodils, stream meanders, long-haired grass and peat and the sun and frost and melting snow, because seasons no longer mean anything. And with me, stocky Italians walk in the bends of the stream, their prospectors’ pans in hand. On the bank a concerned mother holds back a dirty child so that the torrent of melting snow does not pull him down amid the jutting stones and all the way down the valley of the Jizera.

I am standing under a black sky filled with stars, in the timelessness of the mountains, so near, so far…

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