Landscape of double sky

It glistened, and a monstrous plow rode out of the black being. A dark man with a beard drives red-haired bat ghosts into a crazy jet, flying pieces of land away from the coulter, and as a flock of screaming ravens, they re-sit on the jagged edges of the future Golden Sewer. Horror, fairy tale, a reflection of the beautiful story of human will and technical skill. Trebonsko and a bridge over 450 years of history of human civilisation.

But that’s not possible, the devils in the plow and bottomless lakes that flooded the ancient cobbled square and silver mine shaft … Or is it?

Rod, Naděje, Láska, Víra, Skutek, Dobrá vůle, Blaník. I walk along the dams of the Nadějská pond system near Frahelž. It’s late autumn and it’s freezing. On both sides I have a pond half-locked in an ice crust. It’s getting late. Ice crystals and small water surface eyes reflect the setting sun and deep blue sky. A little further away you can see the empty pond with a trickle of water running down the bottom like a bloodstream.

I wonder if I would sign on the devil as Krčín did for the opportunity to create such a beauty.

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