The Mythical Uplands

It is overcast. A cathedral window opened in the sky over Milešovka and flooded the countryside around Litoměřice with beams of light – how beautiful that was… Our forefather, Praotec Čech, Oldřich and Božena, Krok and his daughters, Přemysl Oráč, Jan Žižka of Trocnov and Kalich, the Templars … Myths both concocted and partly true, About the Rose of Kamýk, About the King of Stadice, About the Wine Cellars beneath Hazmburk, About the Swedes marching across the country, about the skirmishes between the Hussites and Crusaders and before these, the skirmishes between the Czechs and the people of Lucko, the story of Kazi’s daughter, the pretty Běla, who did justice to Bivoj’s, her father’s, blood and overcame two bears only with the help of a small suite of girls.

The myths from our childhood, secret chambers, robber knights, bedtime fairy tales that our mothers would read to us. It does not matter whether they were true or just beautiful mythology. It is hard to imagine a more impressive scene than the undulating landscape of the Czech Uplands. I do not know who invented this landscape, who infused it with so many stories. Nonetheless, they clearly were not sparing and that is really great for us, eternal kids.

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