Lake District 2015 – Water reflections

From the second half of the week the photographs took on a different character. The sky had totally engulfed me and, as a result, so had its reflections in the water. And the ever present gleam and backlighting. Backlighting itself helps to broaden the shot, to conceal themes in the shadows from where the viewer must actively pull them out and, with the choice of a suitable diaphragm, even brings the opportunity to create impressionistic surfaces.

It also plays its role close to the sea, where it simply cannot be avoided. In comparison with a normal landscape, where light comes primarily from above, near the water’s surface it comes at you from all directions.

Water conceals enormous potential within itself, beginning with axial reflectance and finishing with scattered colourful patterns between small waves. Thanks to its striking contrasts, the surface can easily be bound together with the contrasts of the surrounding landscapes.

Initially, mainly axial symmetry and an overall emphasis on the graphics of a shot worked for me.


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